Ok so I am in need of a practice amp and while I was at work I saw that we got a peavey vypyr. I though ehh, proboally another ****ty modeling amp. But when Iturned the 15 watter on it sounded better then any modeling amp I have ever heard. What do you all this about this amp and are the higher wattage ones good. Also, after studding the back of it, the amp looks bare. did peavet cut out a lot of un needed componets for this amp? Thanks
Man this amp is awesome, I plan on selling my Vox XL 15 watt to get this. Probably the 30 watt. The 15 watt is obviously the most basic model, one of the losses is that all the other models have editable stomp box effects, and maybe one or two other features are missing. If you go to the Peavey website theres a long checklist of what each one has on the Vypyr page.


edit: heres the website http://www.peavey.com/products/vypyr/

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I too was incredibly impressed by the Vypyr, it is imo the best amp $200 and under, bar none. And I'm a huge tone snob.
Its mostly missing the looper, MIDI in, line out to USB, and the footswitch stuff. And the ability to use a ton of effects on it at once.

If you like the Peavey Vypyr I've heard a lot of people side with the Roland Cube series of amps. You *might* want to also look at them. They are like the main competition against each other apparently.
Ive played a cube but it comes nowhere near to the cube. I work at Best Buy where we sell musical instruments and i have played the cube vrs the vypyr and the vypyr wins by far and has an amazing bottom end.
^ Fair nuff. The 30 has more features if you want to dish out the extra $100 for it. On a budget it seems good for $100. Thats why I'll be getting one probably today at the GC 10% off thing. Makes it $90 for me then. I never see them go on sale...
depends what sound you want. Best modeling amp for metal on a budget, I'd say. There are better choices for other genres