Im starting to get interested to record my playing and maybe post some covers on youtube, or just simply hear my playing so i can improve myself. My question is, i have a pretty low budget, around 120 us dollars, what would be best for me to get?
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Shure SM 57

I have no experience of mic an amp, so i have some questions if i decide to get the microphone

How loud do you keep your amp when recording with the microphone, and do you plug the mic to the computer when recording?
And i have a 4x12 cab, where should the mic be placed for best audio quality
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sorry to pop a happy bubble, but your budget is too low to get serious recordings.

Maybe you should just get a video camera to take video's of your playing, then you can put them on youtube or whatever you want.

an SM57 is a good mic, yes, but what are you gonna plug it into? they are made for being plugged into multitrack recorders (a couple hundred bucks) or PA systems. They aren't made for going into a computer soundcard.

you might want to get a MIDI interface, sometimes called "studio in a box" at guitarcenter


there's an example of one.. that actually could get you up and going. it's a little more expensive, but it has everything you need on a very basic level.

yea, go with that, the more i think about it the better it is for you
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if you choose to get the mic, here are some tips for how to mic your amp
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The best way to learn how to mic your amp is trial and error.

Also, $120 isn't really enough to get decent recordings. The SM-57 alone costs $100 and a good interface is around $300
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just get a usb interface and some amp modelling software. its the easiest way to get great sounds without spending thousands.
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