i was thinking about buying this http://www.rondomusic.com/product1256.html but ive never heard of douglas guitars and i was wondering if any of you guys have and if you know how good they are. the guitar is only $190 and im kinda skeptical.
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A guitar with a double locking tremolo in that price range probably won't stay in tune very well.
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I dont know looks good for 190$ id go for it as a first guitar or a travel guitar.
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Rondo has 3 brands of guitars (that I know of): Agile, SX, and Douglas. From what i've heard, it goes Agile>>>SX>Douglas. At 190 you'd be better off with the SX, or maybe even a cheap Agile.
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I got two Douglas guitars in a row (intitial and its replacement) that had defective necks (twisted and fretboards not leveled before frets were installed). Rondo has great customer service though. After getting two junkers in a row, I requested a refund and got it with no problems.
go to agileguitarforum.com

Its filled with people willing to help. Ive seen a review for this guitar on there. I heard it was worth it for the price but it didn't stay in tune well. Id just replace the floyd rose for an original one