well the question is simple, what is the difference between active and passive pickups?, which one sounds better for hard rock (AC/DC) and metal (MEGADETH, IRON MAIDEN)?

i think the explanation includes input and output terms, so, what is output?

I READ the sticky of the amp thread that says it has been expanded with FX, pedals AND PICKUPS, but i didn't find these in the index.

thanks in advance

EDIT: i am starting to save for a schecter, but don't know if i should get one with passive or active pickups...
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if you go active get seymour duncan blackouts. or get the 18V mod for w/e emgs you get. but if you go passive look for a high gain-type passive .
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ac/dc would be passive, theres a mojo in AC/DC that requires passive pickup. For metal definitely EMG, EMG and high gain makes a great combination for the sound.
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Active pickups are low output but use an onboard battery-powered preamp to boost the signal.

Passive pickups don't.
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High output passives FTW

One of my personal favorites is the Duncan Distortion. For metal like Megadeth though the JB with a Jazz in the neck would be sick.
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