Hey guys, I have seen people requesting logos and posting there bands a lot lately and I immediately thought it would be fun to try and make one. If your band is looking for a logo, then post the details about your band on here. If you have a certain design in mind then go ahead and tell me what your thinking and Ill try to make it.

Oh yeah and dont shoot my head off if i mess up , I can always fix mistakes
it would be much more beneficial for you if you were to post some examples of your work and any experience in art design that you have

because i could easily do this too and ms paint everyone a nice awful logo
ok ill give u a try

my bands name is Abandon Desire
were a punk rock band
we cant decide if we want a gloomy/emo logo or a more pop/punk rock so if u could do both that would be cool or just pick one.

anythin else/
Me too please me too!
Band name:Vicious Sinners, we're a hard rock, sleazy metal band, a i'd lika a logo in the guns'n'roses style, or in the 80s style thanks!