seeing as christmas is coming up, i was thinking about asking for a pedal (probably a tube screamer). my concern is that, since i have a combo amp, not a head+cab, the pedal will add its effects after the amp. the amp is a spider (flame shield) and i don't really want it to ruin the sound of the pedal.

i'm not entirely sure of how the whole situation works, as i've never had a pedal before, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

inb4 get a new amp. i just bought a new guitar, so i don't exactly have any spending money.
It doesn't make sense to use pedals into a modeling amp like a Spider. It can already do everything.
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yea, a spider amp is a modelling amp, meaning it simulates the sounds of pedals and stuff.

they also aren't very accepting of pedals, like i had one and it just makes any pedal sound like crap

also, a tubescreamer is meant for tube amps, not SS amps

also, pedals aren't made for modelling amps (touched on earlier)

basically, don't get a pedal, unless it's like a wah or something. maybe a footswitch for your amp if you just feel the need to step on something to cycle through the channels
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in my experience a combo amp doesnt change the sound of a pedal whole lot if you keep it on a clean channel.... the amp just becomes an EQ

you have a modeling amp never mind dont get the pedal