Hey guys,

I have to cover a few songs for my school application, but i have a few question about recording into garageband.

Guitar -> amp -> microphone -> ?????-> computer

what is the ?????? i am thinking about?

When i record, do i put the mic directly pointing at the amp, or do i put it a little off axis?

Is garageband a good recording program?

you will need an interface or mixer of some kind, unless you want to plug it straight into your computer sound card, but that will sound terrible. there is no set way of micing an amp either, just move it around and see what sounds best
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The ????? depends on what type of mic you're using. If you're using a condenser mic, then you'll need something with phantom power for the mic. For my condenser mic, I use a Behringer VX-2000, which is then plugged into an audio mixer. The audio mixer is then plugged into the computer. If you're using a dynamic mic, like a Shure 58, then you could still use something like the VX-2000 to EQ the mic, but you could also go direct to the audio mixer. Some mixers also offer phantom power and some don't. So really, your ????? is an audio mixer.

Experiment with mic positions. There are a number of good sites that show the proper ways to mic a cab.
In a nutshell, yes. It doesn't have a lot of features, but it is a mixer and would probably work in your application. Should you decide to get serious, you'd probably want something a little nicer, but that's a good one for starting out.
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I'm only recording guitar, bass, drums (done in a studio) and vocals

do i really need a mixer with EQ when i already have a EQ pedal?
garage band is a good program, you can mix stuff, add loops, and you can have basically any instrument, and it has every effect for your guitar you could imagine. i dont know about the ????????/ though