im thinking im gettin one for xmas but the only stuff i kno about um is what ive heard when i played one at guitar center

played it through a line 6 spider III *cause im a teenager* and wasnt real impressed with the sustain *dont kno if it had anything to do with the amp or not*

i got a crate rfx120 and a boss gt-3 *btw*

if anybody has got anything to say about explorers technical info or personal experience please let me kno

im utterly clueless about um
I like Explorers. They actually sustain very well, what with the ecksbawks huge body. I'm gonna build one from Warmoth, since Gibson doesn't make them in my handedness, though.
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Well, I've only once played a Gibson Explorer, and they're pretty sweet. What I WILL suggest, though, is going through rondomusic.com and getting a Ghost model. They're basically explorers, except MUCH cheaper. The regular Ghost is out of stock right now, but if you go to www.explorer-guitars.com, you can find a link to its spec sheet. Rondo is also stocking 7-string ghosts with FRs right now. They MIGHT have hardtail models, but I haven't checked recently.
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Well when you played the explorer did you find it comfortable and easy to play?


It'll be the amplifier, how loud did you play it at?

*thats all*

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I bought my a little after the summer and I love it!! A gibosn SG has too much weight in the head, the Les paul is really heavy at the body. But the Explorer is really well balanced! Also it does have good sustain like the dude above me said and the lower frets are easily reachable. Its got a good punchy sound and looks sick too
The olny downside is that it is a bit heavey so look into getting a good strap!
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Flying Vs and explorers are my favorite guitars!! id say go for it, they are versitle as ****, they have a very dark tone but not as bassy as the les paul, very midrangey, i love it. The neck is great too, thinner than most gibsons for shredding but not too thin
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I've always liked the Explorer shape. Plus they're really balanced (Like many large bodied guitars). If you like the look of a Flamed Maple top though, try looking at a Hamer Standard or a Dean Z from the 79' Series
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