i have a kramer striker custom blah blah yeah
and i need my action to be really really low
but each time i play like around the 9th or 10th fret my thick E string buzzes
any help?
well basically the action is too low, raise it, or tighten the strings that will fix it
i have the same problem on my bass! the d string's 3-5frets buzz when i play them. and i adjusted my truss rod.
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yea. the action is too high. the same thing happened to me and i took it to my local music store and he tightened it so he lowered it and everything was fixed
same thing too. i took it to the shop, and when i go for lessons he keeps on saying that it might be that the strings i use are the factory strings
If you have too much relief in your neck the higher frets will cause buzzing when you play in the middle area.
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