When I plug in my guitar, no matter what I do, no sound comes out. It just buzzes.

And I checked the cords, it's not them.

I fumbled with all the setting, and when I put it on OD, an annoying, high-pitched squeal comes out.

Can I get some suggestions???
What to fix, how to fix it...

But I can't get a new amp, I mean, I'm not even getting anything for Christmas this year(money's thin).
Tube or SS?

Whats the last thing you did with it (when it was still working)?
Did you check the fuse? If you open the back (unplug it first you should see a small fuse or set of fuses- see if any are blown?

Good luck man.

What type of amp is it?
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Are you sure its plugged in?


Sorry Umm.. I dunno man sorry

I once attempted to play a guitar when it wasn't plugged in.

Oh, the humiliation.
Try running your hands down the cable, see if the amp pops when you do.

Edit : I just read the first post, sorry.
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It's a cheap(emphasis on cheap) Fender 15R.

Okay, reason I asked was, I had a 15R - Frontman also, did the same thing. Thought it was the fuses, sometimes you get lucky and that's the problem, but those amps have a habit of frying for little or no reason.

If you can take it apart you might see where the circuit board is burned or a solder weld has failed.

I will tell you that it's expensive to have someone fix it, which is why mine is not with us any longer, RIP.

If it is the fuse, it will cost you about $ 3.00. But it's prob not the fuse.
I suggest you try your guitar with someone else's amp and an other guitar in your amp to make sure its not your guitar/cable.