Title says most of it

My range is around $1000 give or take and my ultimate goal is to get this one downtuned a whole step.

I'm not looking for a floyd rose.

I love V's and the like, but I am worried about chipping.

Suggestions on what to look at, and any ins and outs you have about similar guitars would be helpful.
If you want a metal guitar, build one out of metal.

Then go use the search bar to find the other five million threads just like this one. Sorry to be a d*ck, but it's really annoying to answer the same question a thousand times a day.
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B.C. Rich Vs are amazing....I don't remember if it had a Floyd Rose or not, but there was one model I fell in love with at GC. Perfect metal guitar, but it also played bluesy stuff very nicely. Price was around $750.
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go with a Jackson if you get a V
or look at ESP guitars- My favorite for around $1000 is KH602
i personally like the Bc Rich V, and the Bc Rich Beast.
BUT! That's coming from a guy who ahs both so...my opinion isn't really fair C.C

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Lol, I hate Vs because they're uncomfortable as hell to play sitting down. I did try out a RR3 though, and it played awesomely.

If you really don't care about your cleans / non metals, this one is for you:
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try those LTD Deluxe one....highest LTD you can go and they sound really good i got one it's an LTD Deluxe ec-1000 Vintage.....and the feeling is awesome and it has 81 60 EMGs .... chek those guitars out...its worth it