i'm getting a new amp in april (yes i know thats a long time from now) and i would appreciate some suggestions. I'm looking for amps in the $400-$600 range. (i only play rock, if that helps)
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If you want a good amp for rock, metal, blues or whatever check into either a Peavey Valveking or (better yet) a B-52 at112.

also as far as solid state Raven makes a pretty good 2x12 combo.

but honestly you should just go to a guitar store and try some out.
ermm roland cube 60 is a bit below your price range but well worth a go

valvekings aren't that bad

your like bang in the middle of price brackets hah

ermm ar marshall avts in that price range? if so check them out

laney lc15-30 are good valve amps

thats all i can think of at the moment
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peavey classic 30

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shoot for a used Mesa F-30 on ebay. I got mine for about $600 and I'm a happy camper. I play post-rock, pop rock and metalcore, and I'm covered 100%.

peavey classic 30 would be pretty good for you too.

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Give everything a try, just stay away from marshall MG/AVTs, line 6 spiders, and SS crates. The Raven amps are junk as well.

It's gonna be hard to give specific things to look at unless you narrow down the tone you want, because just about every amp out there is capable of playing rock in some form.
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i'd suggest the Laney lc range tbh, they are cracking valve amps for the price. Have you looked at the Vox AC in that price range, they are great amps, i don't know if they fit all types of rock though (due to the lack of an overdrive channel).