take the properties of the picture (cant be from your file), copy and paste it, then wrap it with (Invalid img) at the end

hope that helps

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I think semen would be our biggest export...
We'd build an industry around it.

You can use a host like imageshack. Get the picture you want, so lets say you want a pic of a Les Paul ( http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d9/Gibson_Les_Paul.jpg ) You would go

(Invalid img) (With spaces removed)

Or you can hit "insert image" at the top if you are not using quick reply

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A song im very good at is Raining Blood!
"RAINING BLOOD! from a lacerated sky! Bleed is Horror! I bleed destruction, and now i shall REIGN IN BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Is that what he says?