Heya i just bought a Jackson JS30KE today i love it! but it seems to go out of tune rather fast :S like 15 or so minutes of playing the 2 middle strings will go out of tune and make a wave in the sound when i play power chords and 2nd and 1st strings seem to go out of tuen abit easy. any one know of any good remedies to stop this happening so often

Thanks in advance
You most likely need to stretch out the strings, just pull up on them quite firmly from the 12th fret, retune and repeat untill it stays in/very close to in tune.
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kool thanks but what if the strings are not new? because they dont look it, maybe a whole new re-string?
Yea that may help you, but you definately will need to stretch out new strings really well and then if the problem persists therer are a number of things it could be. I do know that the "d" and "g" strings are the most common to go out of tune on most guitars that have 3 tuning pegs to each side of the headstock because they stretch further.
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you should always change the strings on a new guitar, unless it's coming straight from the factory.
maybe the strings are jsut s!tty. if you got some walmart brand strings or something, then maybe they just suck.
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haha awesome thanks guys ill change them tommorow after work ^_^ cant wait, by the way is there some method to it? thanks for all your help so far