im thinking i want to build a neck thru guitar, probably maple neck with mahogony or basswood wings. either a PRS styled body or an RG styled body. or a combo of the two, i really like how the RG has the points but i love the way the PRS get thinner around the edges.

i want either an ebony fretboard or Pao Ferro fretboard

any help people can give me like tips, links to good resources ect would be soooo appreciated. things i wanna know are where to find pre slotted fretboards or information on how to accurately do that yourself. the only piece im not comfortable making is the fretboard cause u need to get it perfect. information about the rod in the neck would be great too.

good sites i have found so far are:

please help me out
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buy a neck from warmoth if you dont know how to make them
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theres a book by a guy called melvyn hiscock called learn to build an electric guitar (or something like that - i forget) and its an awesome book, costs about 16 pound, but will save you so much lost time, and so much lost money on things that you never think to ask about, like if you have a tom, then you need to recess it, or have a neck angle - seems obvious when you know it, but i'd never thought about it, and i bet lots of other people hadn't either.

also does 3 builds from start to finish and fully documents them all. its a very good book and i highly reccomend it.
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buy a neck from warmoth if you dont know how to make them
Wrong, LEARN how to make one if you dont know how.

Melvyns book is a good read.

Look at the tutorials on this website for info on building, and you can search their forums


You can buy pretty everything you need here, including slotted fingerboards.


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