hi im new to the whole gear and pickup thing. and i was just wondering, what are the differences between EMG's and just regular humbuckers?
thank you!

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emg's are active and run off a power source (9 volt battery)

regular humbuckers are passive.
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do EMG's have a better sound or are they just for portability?

tone is subjective. what do you mean by portability ?
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EMGs are generally better for heavy distortion and give you more flexibility for shaping your tone, but many think they're a bit sterile if you don't EQ them right.


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Also be wary that emg's have higher output, which results in a quicker breakup in the sound if you go gain-crazy.
EMG is just a brand. They're good for high gain type stuff and they're not all active. I have passive EMG's in my 6 string and my bass.
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umm EMGs have a pre Amp they have there own Sound and are Higher output then any passive humbuckers, There used for the most part in Metal Bands.
EMGs are Active humbuckers
Passive humbuckers are known to be more organic they are wired with a coil of wire that makes a magnetic field They respond better to different picking styles In my opinion There are for the most part lower output compared to Actives

Plus to Actives Louder Can nail metal tones, know to have less hum.
Plue of Passive Less compressed sound no need for batteries and easyer to install in to a guitar

In the end you other love actives or hate them its all up to your style.