They're just small scratches. Every guitar is going to get them if you play it regularly. Don't sweat it.

If it's that big of a deal, take it to a shop and have 'em match the paint and fix it.
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You could use natural shoe polish.

Or just forget about them, everyone gets those on stuff.
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well yeah but uhhh... haha ok but any way than what does those polish stuff do??

drrr um dose polish tinggs do drr
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well you see they polish, thus the name, polish.
so its going to polish your guitar..
I just got some Dr. scratch remover from autozone and it works a little, just making the scratches slightly less visable although they are still there. $10 DOLLARS, They have a few different selections of products for removing small scratches some work better then others, so you may luck up and get something that works really good.
Your Squire finish is most likely polyurethane. You could try buffing the scratches out but whatever you're wearing when you play will only bring them back again. Some back scratching is to be expected & if you had a vintage or collectable I'd be more concerned.
Moving on.....
My Carvin has (assumably) the same amount of chips as yours has slight scratches, and it's only a year old

Don't worry about them you won't notice. If you want to have a "hung above the mantlepiece" guitar then you should be keeping it in the case at absolutely all times