I tried a musicman bongo 4HH a couple of months ago, the neck felt like BUTTER i tells ya! Really slick finish on it and i dunno, the profile of it just felt really nice, not to mention the fact that there's just so many different tones in that preamp!
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Who cares? It looks like a goddamn spaceship. Get one.

haha. Greatest Comment on a bass ive ever heard!
I like them. The neck feels nice, the tones are amazing, it looks cool, etc.
If there's something wrong with this bass I couldn't tell but it is an amazing instrument, especially for the hefty price tag.
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I've had one for about 3 years now. 5 string - Desert Orange. Retired my Ricky and use it full time! Great bass.
2 words... Dave LaRue's ****ing awesome tone!!!!1!!

But seriously, they are fantastic. Sound amazing, look sexy, and supposedly play like a dream.
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im planning on getting one, or a spector lx5 euro they have amazing tone
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Herpes maybe.
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We all have the rights to be mad

So does you
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Who cares? It looks like a goddamn spaceship. Get one.

Hahaha, Sigged.
And I played one, and the neck is really fast, but too thin for my taste. I also didn't like how close to the neck the pickups were on the one I played. Those were the only 2 flaws I found though.
sat down and played one at guitarcenter the other day. been struggling with peace sells by megadeth on my bass but played it like it was no problem on the bongo. i think because of the neck and frets maybe? either way if i could get any bass and didn't have a price limit i would almost for sure pick up a bongo
Never played one, but I hate the way they look.
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Bongo or Stingray, Musicman makes great basses, especially all their HH models. Go for it, and may I recommend it in Orange - my favourite colour for that bass.
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I own one, a 5HH/P, beautiful bass. While I am usually a Warwick man, the Bongo keeps me happy More or less a stingray on steroids. Buy it.
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The Bongo is incredible if you have any more questions just ask UTBDan or myself the both of us owning the tone monster.
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I played one, and though it was a very nice bass. However, it would take a lot of spare money to convince me to buy one. Definitely a try before you buy deal, as versatile as it is. I just didn't fall in love with it, which I would need to do considering the price tag.
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I'm still GASing for one, I was planningon buying one and shipping it from America (saving around £600 back then) but instead chose to go with the Fender Jazz. As far as necks go, I didn't like the Bongo's paint finish (much like I don't like Warwicks from my experiences) but this is mainly due to unfamiliarity, I honestly didn't see anything special in the fender either so I got it cheaper and with a 1 week trial. By the end of the trial I couldn't play my £100 bass ^^
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Meh, cant stand the look of them. its like an ugly girl...i know i would have fun with it as it has so much to offer, but i cant be seen out with it.

Stingray any day for me.
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In that video, the bass is strung upside-down! I could never play like that but it's pretty cool to see.

Yeah it's pretty intense. I guess he learned to play a righty upside down but didn't switch the strings, weird plucking style too. I havn't seen him in anything other than the Tonight Show Band but they're pretty good. Kevin Eubanks (sp?) can rock pretty hard also, all without a pick!