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catch 22
8 24%
streetlight manifesto
26 76%
Voters: 34.
catch 22 or streetlight manifesto that is the question
i personally like catch 22 better not to sure why

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i have to say streetlight has a much better horn section. thats the only reason i like them better.
Catch-22 disappointed and bored me after all the hype I'd heard about them over the years, Streetlight's much better IMO.
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imo they're essentially the same band, almost all the important elements that made up catch went over to streetlight and they ended up sounded like the same band, but i chose catch just because they recorded keasbey, which is my favorite ska album
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I chose Streetlight.

Catch 22's Alone In a Crowd and Dinosaur Sounds are both very good albums, but Everything Goes Numb and Somewhere In the Between completely blow them out of the water. You just can't compete with that.
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I choose Streetlight. Post-Tomas Catch are still an okay band I suppose, but Everything Goes Numb is one of my favorite albums ever. Like JesusOfSuburbia said, you just can't compete with that.
The only Catch 22 album I have is Keasbey Nights, but all the Streelight songs I've heard I haven't liked. So I went with Catch 22.

I'm friends with Ryan Eldred, and see him from time to time, and Tomas avoids his fans. Also, I connect with Catch music more now that I'm older, but SM was my thing when I was going through **** in high school.
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Keasby Nights Catch 22, or post-Keasby Catch 22?

Hell. Who am I kidding. Streelight.
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Keasby Nights Catch 22, or post-Keasby Catch 22?

Hell. Who am I kidding. Streelight.

i prefer the streetlight version of Keasby Nights
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