I was at my local Guitar Center today, and they were advertising a Crate FW65 3-Channel Solid-State Amp for $250, and it's $300 on MusiciansFriend, so I thought I'd try it out, but didn't have much time to play around with it. I really don't have a household amp now that I've sold my modded Fender Frontman 212R, so I was considering this amp. I have never owned a Crate, and the whopping two Crate amps I played in my life before today were both Tube Half-STacks. So, if anyone knows if it'll last, and if they really get great sound, and are pretty versatile, please tell me.

they are very good for the price, and pretty versatile. the sound isnt fantastic, but i used to have one and they were good enough for me. there are a lot of douche bags out there who say "only a $3000 all tube full stack is good enough and everything else sucks" but hey i personally like Crates. not sure about the new transtube ones though....but the FW65 sounds good i played one at GC a while ago when they still had em
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Yeah, I didn't think it'd sound THAT great anyway, but it's just for living room practice. I also like the 3-channel availability. So, thanks.
You would think they would make something between the 15 watt version and the 65 watt.