Based on that great book but through Max's eyes.
Dare I use the term cute to describe it? Yes :]

Where The Wild Things Are

With my wolf suit on and a fork in my hand,
I torment the dog and make great demands.
Causing enough mischief, to be deemed a wild thing.
Condemned to my room, I dream to be king.

In my room a forest begins to grow,
Vines hug and tug things I just now know.
Strong aged trees pop out of the ground making a fierce rumble.
I tiptoe around, trying my hardest not to stumble.

Off in the distance, I hear waves tumbling
Slowly but surely I find myself fumbling, no! bumbling
my way to a sharp, rocky shoreline,
still in awe, not even noticing the sail boat of perfect design.

(Eventually, I found it.)

I sailed the waters through night and day,
And in and out of weeks, all through May.
And what I swear to say, is almost a year.
Where the wild things are, the direction, I steer.

The wild things, with their sharp claws
and rotten teeth. Vicious roars and giant jaws.
But most terrible of all, That gleam in their
eyes, no doubt a longing glare.

I summon up the courage
To say, “Be still”.
And then I stare them down,
To tame them.

I look into their terrible, yellow eyes
Without blinking once, I take them down to size.
My magic trick works and frightens all wild things.
They call me the most wild thing of all, they crown me king.

I the new king, have a party just to say hello.
The wild things celebrate and throw
Their terrible claws in the air.
And then I realized what I saw in the terrible stare.

The wild things weren’t wild,
They wanted someone to love.
And I remembered my home,
Where I was also beloved.

They begin to weep
As I send them off to sleep
I, the lonely king
Of the wild things,
must go.

“Oh stop,” they plea,
“Don’t Go,
We’ll eat you up,
We love you so.”

And I quickly set sail,
Steadily pushed home by a prevalent gale.
Back to the forest hugged by vines,
And I wake up in bed, just in time.
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metallica already wrote a kickass song called where the wild things are....
It has come to my recent attention that our good friend CoreysMonster is not permanently detained in the Fotb.

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Yeah, on the album reload, and that song is totally irrelevant to this poem or the original book.
With my wolf suit on and a fork in my hand,
I torment the dog and make great demands.
Causing enough mischief, to be deemed a wild thing.
Condemned to my room, I dream to be king.

This was awesome and if you were to write a song this verse jams. I can so the kid doing this. I love this poem. Good Work!

If you want to crit one of mine, click the link.

My Body, My Temple, My Mind, My Prison
This was ok, Ted.

Your first stanza/verse thing; set me up for the rest of the piece to have this lovely rolling flow spotted with basic rhymes to give it some zip... and that just fell out from under me. Normally, I don't give half a **** about flow (just ask JammyDude) but it bothered me here that you set me up so smoothly and then dropped the floor out from under me.

Outside of that; I just didn't feel like this covered enough to warrant the length. You talked in circles about a lot of things and ideas an images. I think this could be cut down and shoved into a size maybe half of what it is. I know you are painting some scene from a book; or at least from the ideas presented in it... but I felt like you were trying to stay vague instead of letting your ideas really come out and punch me. There were some high-points throughout; and it did hold my attention all the way through... but I just feel like you used so much more space than you needed to. You could have cut this down into something with the capacity to "wow" someone with the scene you create... but as it stands that capacity is lost behind the wordiness of the ideas.

good to have you back, mate.