Firstly I will start by apologising before hand as this is another thread about amps, so sorry guys.

I'm willing to spend up to around 500£ (which is about 750$ these days).
So any way I play Hard Rock, Blues and occasionally metal, I want to be able to get a slashy Bluesy hard rock tone but also have the ability to go into heavier stuff like Buckethead and also have a decent clean tone. I'm not fussed whether it would be a combo or stack. I've had a look at the Bugera 6262, this interested me but I believe 120 watts would be too much for what I need (Jamming with friends, occasional recording and playing at a bedroom level). The Peavey classic 30 also caught my eye along with the epiphone SoCal (which looks really nice) and the black heart range. I just cannot guage which would be best for me so I was wondering if you guys had any oppinions on these amps also any suggestions. I will try to go and test some of these out when I have a better idea on which ones to test.

Thanks alot
Instead of apologising next time, just look at the other threads.

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That being said, look into a used Peavey XXX.
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I already looked into other threads, I wanted a more personal answer, hence the thread.