Just add "shoop da woop"... that's all it needs, not even the mouth or eyes, he's got BOTH down.
"We were one among the fence"
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You have no idea how many mornings my dad has woken up to me in my underroos rocking out in the morning...on a mission...A MISSION TO ROOOOCCCCKKKKK!!!!!
leave the poor guy alone
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well done mr. kiss my bass, well done
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wow that kid is a goron beast-man!

(You misspelled sandwich in your user title)

There's gotta be something wrong with that guy if he looks like that on a regular basis.
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I'd feel bad for photoshopping that, is he mentally handcapped in any way?

If not then i wouldn't feel bad:]

Nah, he's not. The kid's actually pretty cool, we had a ton of classes together and did a big senior project together.

He's just unfortunate enough that he looked the way he did when this picture was taken at a thanksgiving party.