Is a Squier Bronco Bass worth 75 dollars? Or are they too ****ty to even bother?

thats a steal

try it

if u like it, buy it
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I haven't heard good things about them if I'm honest, but for that price, I'd try it out.
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75 dollars! see if they'll give you it for a bag of sugar
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I'm going to pass on it. It is on craigslist if anyone lives in Raleigh. I think I might get an SVT rig for 700 instead.
Huge price difference, I know.
Wait...you already have an Aerodyne Jazz, but were considering getting that Squier* instead of an SVT? You need your head examined, bud.

*The Bronco bass is the cheapest bass in the entire FMIC line...you'd have a better bass if you bought a washtub, a broom, and a shoestring.
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It was a decent deal and it would be nice to have another bass, no matter how ****ty it is. I'm actually going to pass on both deals, since I'm trying to save money to move into my own place.
I considered getting one simply to mod it and make it fretless.
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