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15 7%
61 27%
108 48%
26 11%
3 1%
3 1%
A few seconds ago (if so, seek medical attention - you are a goldfish)
11 5%
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What are you guys' earliest memories? How early can you remember? Supposedly it's a sign of great intelligence being able to remember stuff dead young...

Mine was falling into a hedge aged about 5. I phailed early in life to beat the queue.

Over to you.
mine is looking out my front window into a fond first snow of the year.
that's my favorite memory and my first.
**edit**i was like 2 or 3.
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I remember my father coming into my room when I was four. I was watching Doug. He grabbed me, raped me, beat me and strangled me with his dick. He then put me in a closet and duct-taped my mouth shut, then he slit my mom's throat and threw her dead body on my racecar bed.

Man, Doug was a great show, wasn't it?
I remember being nursed, specifically remember it too.

I'm not sure what age I was, but I know I was very young, of course.
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I have two memories of when I was really really young.

1. I was nearly two I fell down the stairs and my sister caught me on the bottom step.
2. When I was two I was throwing rocks in my baby pool thing and there was a ground wasp on the bottom of one of the rocks I was throwing and I got stung.

Actually I remember a lot of my childhood
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Eating (and stealing) pineapples contained in tins in the kitchen of the Chinese restaurant my old folks owned. No one knew that their cooked pineapples were fondled by me...
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I can remember Christmas in 1991 and a couple of things before that.
My Mum dipping my dummy (pacifier for you kooky kids out there) in her coffee.

Running away from someone in the playground and school and... FACEPLAAANT.

Coming down a slide in a play area and having a kid look up the slide and faces colliding.

Standing in the bathroom while my Mum was sorting towels counting from 1 to 100 over and over again.

Good shizzle.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
It was my 2nd birthday, all those years ago....

At two years old I remember walking in the park, then looking up to see that the balloon I was holding was drifting into the sky....

Needless to say, I cried.
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I remember Christmas when I was about two, it was the only white Christmas I've had. I also remember getting my cat, when I was two as well.
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Mine was when I ripped a hole in my tounge after slipping on the stairs, I was like 3. That was the second time I did something like that, first time I split it completely in half when I was 1.
being in france during the summer staying with my mum and dads friends who lived there when I was 4 and it was so hot that your feet burned when you walked on the ground, I remembers tip toeing all over the place
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
I remember the inside of my moms vagina. Hahhaa yeah i scored...
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Having a dream about a serial killer chasing me in my house when I was 5. I woke up in my car bed crying. I liked that bed I did.
When I was 3, there was a pretty good snowfall, the best one my town has eveer had...And the only one I've ever seen in my town lol
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I remember my grandmother making me a little swing and putting me to sleep on it. Not exactly sure what age it was though.
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I remember having a certain spot in the hallway where I'd go and errr..... poop. In my nappy (diaper, again, for all those kooky kids out there) of course. "Did you poo again?" "Noooo...."

I also remember being in playschool at like... 2? 3? at christmas time and all the other kids were afraid of 'Santa', but I wasn't
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
i can remember a few things back when i was two. not actual events, but i remember there was a swingset in our backyard, but it was too close to the fence so you couldn't actually swing on it. lol

most of the memories i have are when i was 3.

staying up late with my dad watching horror movies, falling down stairs once inawhile, playing with the cats, trying to play video games on the coleco vision (who remembers those??) general family stuff.
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I can remember my fourth birthday pretty well.
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It was my 2nd birthday, all those years ago....

At two years old I remember walking in the park, then looking up to see that the balloon I was holding was drifting into the sky....

Needless to say, I cried.

I'm crying just from reading that!
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When I was four I remember when my brother threw scissors at my face (I was lucky enough to come away with only a small scar) and also a time when I tried climbing into a pushchair and being told off
Erm, I had a cup of coffee this morning. Does that count?

Nah, I remember when I was like 2 or 3 getting yelled at because I figured out how to escape my crib. I used to just climb over the top and go running around the house, so my parents put my matress on the floor and put the crib overtop upside-down like a cage. Then I figured out how to unscrew one of the bars and slide out, and my dad freaked out cause he found me in the kitchen tearing everything out and generally making a mess (and eating all the raw hotdogs. hehe)
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My earliest memory is when I was three. Me and my mom were at the Opryland Hotel and it was raining. We went inside this store, and I was soaked. So she bought me a shirt with a glittery unicorn on it. Everyone is kind of impressed that I remember that.
Well I remember my street where I grew up on in 94 like it was yesterday. I remember living in Florida in late 92 93 and getting bit by fire ants all over my legs. Just a lot of memories from places I used to live.
I remember when I was 2 I was wresteling my brother at my grandmothers house and I kicked his ass!!! He was 5 at the time. I also remember when I was 3 I was getting out of my bed and I tripped on my dog cause she used to sleep on the edge of my bed and I flipped onto the floor. It sucked!
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I swear I remember being pre-natal. It was all white, and I could feel my soul reaching my body.

I swear this is true. I remember telling my dad, "Dad I remember when I was still an angel" and that image of past kept on flying through my mind.

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I remember contemplating my own exsistance and the passage of time at the age of 3, strange that really considering I stopped when I was 5 and started again when I was 16.
Actually, having just voted 4-6 I'm pretty sure I can remember being in a nativity play when I was like 3 or something...I was Joseph
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I remember about how me and my older brother were playing in the snow, and I fell and slid down a hill, to hit a rock, and somehow get my lower teeth through my lip.
I was between 0 and 2 years old then.
Being on an operation bed and crying from the needle coming towards me. Think I was 3, and was having an operation on some organ.
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Actually, having just voted 4-6 I'm pretty sure I can remember being in a nativity play when I was like 3 or something...I was Joseph

I hate nativity plays, I find myself when turned on when the 3 year old pronounces themself a 'virgin' ...

About 18 months old (I think, maybe younger), going down a beach in a pram with a dog that died when I was really young.
I remember when i was 3 i was sitting on the toilet taking a nice little dump. Needless to say i had the best sleep of my life.
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