So being that guy that never really gigs anymore, i sold my halfstack awhile ago and now don't have much of a basis to record with.

i've been taking a look around at solutions and came up with the tech21 sansamp bass driver.

i know a few of you guys have made a couple threads asking how this DI box sounds as a stompbox and the consensus seems to be that its not very good.

however, my question is:

Does this little guy cut it for direct recording? .. it seems like a stupid question since that is more or less is the purpose of this DI box. but i would like to hear from someone who might have had some hands on experience with this thing.

thanks in advance!
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well direct recording. I'm using a mixer that connected via USB into my computer. how does it sound when recording a bass track using the bass driver? decent? do you have any clips i could check out?
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The guys on basschat rave about these things both as DI boxes and stomp boxes, though i've never tried one myself.
Well, using it like you're talking about (as a DI) is what it's made for. I personally think it's a wonderful little recording tool when you don't have a full rig. I've got one coming to me in the mail after trying it out in a store, so I approve of it. As a stompbox, it's good, but it may not be for everyone, and it may not fit in all situations. For what I'll be using it for, it's freakin' perfect, though. It's all analogue, so it's got a fat, good sound to it, no tinny solid state crap from this pedal.

Get one and any future sound guy you'll deal with at a gig will love you. This is coming from a guy who's been running sound for almost half a decade.
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^^awesome, thank you!

thats exactly the answer i was looking for really. I'm mainly recording metal these days, so i imagine i shouldn't have a problem coaxing a quality tone out of it?
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If you want a tube driven type tone it will kick ass. I've heard some great tones from it from a slightly growly-yet-still-somewhat-clean sound to a full on distortion. I think all negative things said about it may have been regarding it's smooth/clean tone.