Hi I am a learning guitarist and i would like to learn the basics of shredding.

I've been searching the web for some tutorials and lessons but the ones that i find suck.

So to kick start my shred journey, im planning to start listening to bands/songs with shredding and ill start from there.

Any suggestions?
Hey all, thanks for the replies. Is shredding basically about climbing scales (arpeggios) and descending?
Yeah, it takes time. Every players gotta build up their stamina and technique. Its just very time consuming, which is where alot of people fail. Learning the basics of 'shredding' is just learning the basics of guitar first, like scales/arpeggio's in different keys. Different methods of practice, and different techniques like sweeping, alternate picking, economy picking, hybrid etc.

Malmsteen is great if your looking for a starting point with 'shredding' (i still hate that term hah). He basically robs paganini/bach lines and motifs and incorporates them into his playing. Ron Jarzombek, Rusty Cooley, Vai are all good other starting points.
If you want to learn more about the music thats come out of the technique, check out the Shred/Progressive forum.

If you want more about the technique, go to the Advanced Techniques forum, as stated earlier.

I'm going to close this now.
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