Hey there pit. I just broke my arm last night playing hockey, and now my entire fretting arm is out of commission for 4-8 weeks. Anybody have any idea how i can keep my fingers in shape so when I heal and they take the cast off, my fingers arent retarded on the fretboard?
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What do you think could help fingers on a daily basis?
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I hear fingering A Minor works wonders!

I couldn't resist!

Rofl...*wipes tears* classic.
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I hear fingering A Minor works wonders!

Just make sure you don't break a G string.

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I'm not sure there's anything you can/would want to do. The best thing for the break is to keep the entire arm immobile. If you're moving your fingers streniously, you're also moving a bunch of muscles/ligaments in your arm which could potentially aggrivate the fracture.

Ask your doctor.
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im sure two months without playing isnt gonna make your fretting arm useless and even if you lose some strength youll probably regain it after a week so dont trip :P
If you have a PS2, go find a copy of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

THAT will keep your fingers movin'.