The coldest month to me,
When we once broke free,
Like an ember,
Sparked, burned down the tree,
We were once free.

Like Children,
We followed our dreams,
Built them,
On rocks found in the streams,
But we lost them,
Youth meets reality,
And forgot them,
Innocence has left me.

November will forever remain a memory in my heart,
December is the one which tore my world apart,
Do you remember my love at all,
Trusted you, but you let me fall.
Autumn romance ends,
Spring hurt begins,
And you have moved on,
Love is now long gone.

Okay thanks for looking at this, its about my ex. We met in Nov. 06 and we broke up Aug. 07 So I wrote this about her. Like most of my pieces, its unfinished. I leave most of them unfinished in the sense that a piece that sucks isnt worth finishing and I will leave it up to you guys to tell me if its good or not. Thanks for your time.
Crit if you care to...
i like it.
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This man is right.

My life in all aspects is going fucking brilliantly, so I just thought I'd offer a cyncial scrap of wisdom, gloat a little, and then leave.