Hey guys I need your help. Im learning songs from tabs from this site of course; but what I do is without a metronome I learn the song slowly to know all the parts. But, when I'm done I try to figure out how to count the bpm of the song and once I try to get it down ( the problem is I dont know how to do so) I try to play it slowly and accurately to the metronome.

The problem is how do I learn how to count the rhythm of a song and then learn how to apply it to a metronome while practicing up to the desired tempo?

Thanks, if any clarifying needs to be done I'll do so
Listen to the song.

Sorry, I know it seems like a basic answer, but frankly it's a basic problem. The song will tell you what tempo it should be, it's just a matter for you to tap your foot to the song, then tap your foot to the metronome.

As you're learning, however, don't worry about finding the exact BPM of the song. Start the metronome at a speed you're comfortable playing with and make sure you can keep rhythem. Then gradually raise the tempo until you're at/close to the speed of the song. The number doesn't have to be accurate to the exact BPM; I assure you nobody listening is going to notice if you're playing at 115 instead of 120.

Just start it slow, like 40 - 60 bpm, or however slowly you need to, and develop the core timing and rhythem of the song. Once you can do that solid, bump it up gradually ( 5 - 10 bpm) untill you're close.

Another thought would be to play along to the song. That'll assure you're playing at the right speed.
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It may help to listen to the drummer for tempo. Usually, a drummer will be playing the bass drum or hi-hat (cymbal) on each beat.
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