Ok here is the scoop. I had a flood at my house where it put like 6 inches of water on the entire basement floor... So bottom tips of my 3 guitars were in the water the cabinet for my XXX was in the water. All my pedals were in the water and are dead.

I do have insurance. They sent a company that specializes in electronics, TV's, VCR's, DVD players...

So what they would have done with my gear is put it in a dehumidifying room where they sit for 48 hours at a temp of around 28 degrees Celsius. This is too pull moisture out of any of the electronics... I was nervous when I found this out.

I received all my gear back, now I have not had a chance to try out all my guitars, I have tried out my Ibanez and it is making a weird noise on almost all of the pickup choices...

But might as well be looking at hidden damage? I know where I bought them they worked at keeping he humidity in the room where the guitars were consistent... Now putting them in an enviroment where there is none, should I be looking at hidden damage say in my guitars and amp. My cabinet was in the water, they supposedly pulled the water from that but might it have damaged the head or anything? Any thoughts???
acquire an un-effected amp, and play ya guitars through that, see if they make noises.

although that only tests the electronics, you could be facing long term wood fuckerage

amp head should be ok, unless they put that through the humidifyer as well, i dont knw if that would damage it.

get a new cab etc.

basically its all probs ****ed, so go to the insurance people, and get a guitar maintance guy out there to agree with you.
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i recon you should get it all replaced, or attempt to. hose all the gear down and say it iddnt work lol.

but yeah, if its not back to its glory, im sure you can get it replaced. otherwise your insurance people are gay.
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