ok so pit, im sorry in advance for bringing my problems here, but honestly i dont know where else to go, the faqs on the website is complete bs.
so, my uncle got me the vinyl of chinese democracy and it came with a coupon to download the album. so i went to the site, entered it, and it worked, but then when i went to download it, a bar came up in IE that said "click here to download this file", so i did, and it took me to the thank you screen (usually it just takes you back to the page and the download starts again, but this is a one time thing to enter the code).
so basically has anyone else had this problem, and how did they (if they did) get it resolved? i emailed the people obviously and maybe if im lucky, theyll send me another download code, but idk.

tl;dr: i went to download chinese democracy, put in code, internet security made me refresh page, couldnt access download page/put in code again. anyone have this problem?
Ew, god bless physical CDs.

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Where did you get this Vinyl from?
I want one.

And if the worst comes to the worst there are always other ways of downloading it
I know it's the principle that matters, but you can't trust a special offer on a vinyl THAT much.
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