Not sure if this is the right place, it seemed most likely to me.

My band has a few originals and a bunch we're working on and are planning to record like an EP or something sometime soon, but I just wanted to know what kinda legal stuff we should go through to make sure it's not stolen before we start passing out cd's. Same with the band name.

Would we have to go to an attorney or what? what would the cost be?
Lots of info in this very recent thread here:


This thread here has lots of stuff on band names and ownership. It also has lots of comedy.... in a sad sort of way....


I had found some info about trademarking specifically before, too, but I couldn't find the thread. Roughly, my memory says that if it only takes 6 months and $1500 worth of red tape, you're lucky. And really.... trademarking a name is kinda pointless once you read that linked thread. Trademarking is more valuable for things like the Golden Arches, the Nike Swoosh, or the Coke wave. Not the name itself, which would already be protected, basically.


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