So i was reading a study about sex on yahoo and found this passage in it.

The equipment can break

Despite the implication of that particular slang terminology, there's no bone in the penis. Instead, its shaft is composed of sponge-like tissue (that stiffens with the pressure of blood flow), attached to a suspensory ligament. However, errant sexual activity can result in enough pressure to cause a fracture of the ligament. This rare event is evidenced by two disconcerting sounds: an audible pop, followed by a howl of pain.

Says Fisch, "It usually happens when a woman is on top and the penis comes out during sex. If she sits down on it and the penis hits her pubic bone, the pressure of her weight is too much." Fractured penile ligaments represent a medical emergency, and surgery is required to correct the tear.

Yeah, you don't want to break your junk.
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This rare event
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