I'm thinking about getting the blackstar ht-dual but I haven't personally played one yet, I've just heard sound clips. I really like that I can have light distortion on one channel and then a heavier distortion on the other. Does anyone know if the distortion can get heavy enough for hardcore sounds? It doesn't need to get too metal, but I like sustain and enough gain to be able to do tapping, open d strumming, and that jazz. If I don't do this option then I'm gonna go with an Ibanez TS-9 and a Boss Metal Core probably, but I just don't think they sound as great as the blackstar pedals. Another thing I've been wondering is whether or not a tube distortion pedal goes well with a tube amp. I'll be playing into a Fender Blues Deville.
I'm also considering this pedal but I haven't had a chance to try it. You say you have heard sound clips of it, can you link them here please?
A metal band?
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i tried out the whole line of blackstar pedals over the summer and i think the dual was the best. the distortion and metal distortion where the worst ones. i dont remember exactly how much gain it has on tap, but i remember it had a good enough ammount. i dont really play anything too too heavy, but it seemed to me like it would probably work well enough for hardcore from what i remember.