...i am seeking spiritual guidance ONLY from the serious side of the pit! heres the thing, whenever im doing something i used to enjoy i end up getting pissed off and all the people i used to think were my friends are not anymore and never were, i sometimes imagine them to die a very painfull death. i havnt left my house for 2 years
and im starting to analyse things about myself i didnt notice before and have realised all human beings are incredibly selfish,im talking about myself here incase any of you were wondering,i have noticed this because i wasnt really raised on any values or discipline like most others, so my mind tends to wonder alot and i have noticed this:personality comes from your childhood experiences and nothing else....
.....or so it seems, am i right about this? or have i lost my mind??? help please!!
don't get involved with religion, no matter how much they prey upon you and people like you.

Rent the "Prestige" with these friends in question. If fate opens its kind doors to you it may change your life permanently.
Ah, it's common. Trust me, just sit back, relax, and try not to think about the impending, inevitable doom.
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You don't need spiritual guidance, you need psychological guidance.

1. I have no idea what's going on with your friends. There has to be a reason for that happening. Either you've changed or they have. If you've changed and become a more angry person I recommend anger management. If they've changed then there's not much you can do.

2. Now it seems to me like you're over-analyzing your life. You're picking out minor flaws in your own personality (and in society) and you're blowing them out of proportion to the point where they overshadow the good.

I recommend trying to reverse this behaviour; don't dwell on flaws and imperfections, focus on the great things in life. Focus on things that make you happy and blow them out of proportion, not the negative things.

( NOTE: I'm no psychiatrist, so take all this with a grain of salt.)
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I do agree people are very selfish in general, it's just a fact of life.

But I think personality comes with a person, and can be heavily altered through childhood experiences. My neighbors have twins, and even when they were 2 years old you could tell which one was more adventurous, outspoken, or reserved. But if you take someone and put them in a family with good values and proper care, they will turn out much different than if you stick them with a single parent who spends every night drunk and beats their kid.
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don't get involved with religion, no matter how much they prey upon you and people like you.


Quoted for epic truth.

If that fails, try SURPRISE BUT SECKS!
Nope. Personality comes from life experiences. Step one is to step outside yourself and go experience life. Of course you're going to hate everything if you're stuck inside a house all the time; nothing's ever going to really change.

Go outside, take a walk, meet people, grow a damn plant, don't be so obsessed with yourself or the idea that someone may potentially be considering possibly hurting you. Generally people are a lot cooler then you give em credit for. Sure, there are assholes, but that's a given anywhere. If you let 10% of people ruin your life and keep you from the cooler 90%, what kind of life can you possibly expect to have?

The less people you meet and interact with in real life, the less real friends you'll have and the more jaded your view of the world is going to be. Pursue the things that make you happy and inspire you and screw what anybody else says/thinks. You have to actually live life before you feel like life is worth living.

That's my 2 cents anyway. Go get some fresh air.
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Rent the "Prestige" with these friends in question. If fate opens its kind doors to you it may change your life permanently.

This. But take some chocolate laxatives first.
dudetheman and garou1911 thank you i appreciate it,heres to you dudetheman and heres to you garou1911 by the way guys, whats all this talk about the prestige?