My 30gb iPod video has decided to go weird. sound only comes out of one ear regardless of what heaphones i put in. so i need something with

at least 30gb memory

video playback

no proprietary crap. no forcing to use anything but mp3s, no forcing me to use manufacturer's software for syncronisation, etc

good shock resistance. my ipod seemed to crash every other time i went jogging.

manufacturer's don't usually tell you a lot of this important stuff so i thought i'd better ask the consumers with experience.

any advice pit?
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the reason the sound comes out weird could be because the headphones are broken. This happened to me before, and i plugged in a different pair and it worked fine again
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I swear by anything Creative. Although I don't know about video playing.

And yeah, same thing happened to my mp3 player, the headphone socket went from tugging at it too much, it should be cheap to get it repaired.
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ZUNE! Get one of the old 30 gig ones. You can update the software and get the latest firmware on it. You can put any video you want on there if you convert it and you get a bunch of free games (they keep coming out with more) and its pretty much indestructible (knock on wood). It sounds better than an ipod too. I love my zune.
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Zune, definitely.
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