Hey guys, I was just wondering what kind of strings would be best.

I play alot of Rise Against, and My band has a similar tone to the sound, and I was just wondering if anyone could gimme some good insight on the best strings for that particular punk/melodic style.
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It's all about preference. Try out different brands and see which ones you like. You would probably want roundwounds?

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strings won't really change tone that much, but if you drop tune then you'll probably want to look at heavier gauges.
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I never thought strings made that much of a difference until I played my first set of pure nickle strings and now I am hooked.
I've used Ernie Ball, GHS, and D'Addario, and of the three I like D'Addario the best. I recommend them.
Strings average $5 a set. Start trying them out. Some love GHS, I hate them a lot. Ernie Ball Regular slinkies is what I am set on
My favorites are Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, been playing them for 6 or 7 years now. My suggestion? Buy a few sets and see what you like.
I've been testing Elixr's, which promise 5x the longevity, and they broke after two days. My favourites are JVB strings, which offer solid tone, and just don't seem to snap like other strings.