I'll be getting a new electric guitar soon, and I've never actually played one before(besides that basic, pick it up and mess around crap) and I have no idea what the cords are or how anything works really. I'd like to master chords and then get into tabs, but first I'd actually have to learn them. Wheres a good place online to learn guitar chords? Also when I actually do learn the chords, how exactly do you read/play tabs?
Let me find you a link on a good place to learn chords...

I'll edit when I get it.


Kind of crowded, but what you want to look at at the start are the very first listings for all the sets, i.e. A, B, C, etc.

As for tab, let me show you:


That is the basic "staff" of tablature. The lines all correspond to the strings of a guitar, essentially how you would see the strings as you hold the guitar in a playing position, looking down at the fretboard.

The bottom line is the bottom, heaviest string, the top the lightest.

Any numbers you would see are the fret numbers in relation to the nut.

What I wrote there is an A barre chord, not exactly a beginner chord, but it's an example. So the low string says 5, so you'll want to count down five frets from the nut and put your finger down. I'm sure you've noticed that the fret markers on the fingerboard are on the odd frets (except for the 12th/24th frets), so this should be easy to get down.
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thanks for the link, but that page is a total confusion to me. Also for the tabs, how can you tell if its a chord that has to be played or just notes?
Is there no online resource showing pictures of the chords and how to play them?