how to i tune D G C F A# C on my tuner it doesnt have a C note on it.. it one of those tuners when you pluck the string it will tell you if the note is right or not, only does standard tuning. Is ther a way to tune it to
D G C F A# C using a tuner?
Buy a specific, usually more expensive tuner, or use a program, like guitar pro 5, with MIDI.
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bump. Anyone? the 3rd method is too confusing for me so if anyone knows how to do this with a tuner please tell me how.

i have a Marshall MT-1 Tuner and yes it does have a flat button.
Well, not with a tuner, but...

Start off in standard.
1: Drop your big E to D by fretting the A string on the fifth fret (D) and tune the E down until the notes are the same.
2: Then tune the A to G by fretting the E (now D) string on the fifth fret (G) and tune A down until the notes match,
3: Repeat step 2 for the next three strings.
4: Tune the little E to C by fretting the A# string on the 2nd fret, tune E down until notes match.