Hey guys I have an Ibanez RG370DX with HSH configuration with the inf 3 and 4 pups. I have an air norton and d sonic that I would like to install. I have looked at many wiring diagrams and such and am still confused on which wires go where. There are black ,white ,green ,red ,and bare wires. It says solder the red wire to the hot connection. would that be one of the things on the pickup selector and which one would I solder it to? It says green and bare wires are soldered to ground. Would ground be the volume pot? Would I solder it to the top of the volume pot or to the thingys near the bottom that look like whats on the pickup switch? It also says solder the black and white wires together and then tape them. Does this mean they are not soldered to anywhere on the pickup selector nor anywhere else on the guitar? Are they just soldered to themselves? Can you please tell me the differences in soldering both the bridge and neck pickups? It says the neck pickup should be phased, what does that mean and how would I do it? I know there are alot of questions I am asking I just want to make sure that everything is set up correctly. I appreciate any help that anyone can give me.
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That looks similar but is not the same im using Dimarzios different coloring scheme. What do you mean by control configuration if you mean the pickup selector its a five way and has 8 prongs all in a straight line.
Control configuration is how many volumes, tones, and switches you have, and what types.

IE: 2 vol, 2 tone, push-pulls
IE: 1 vol, 2 tone, 5 way

etc. etc. etc.

In your case, replace the humbucker colours on the diagram I gave you as follows:

Diagram: Green / Dimarzios: Green
Diagram: Red / Dimarzios: white
Diagram: Black / Dimarzios: Red
Diagram:White / Dimarzios: Black

Get it?
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Ok I see. Would the bare wire be soldered to ground as well. The same spot as green? Also when I solder the red wire to the 5 way switch where do I solder it? there are 8 prongs. Where would the red wire from the bridge pickup go? Where would the wire from the neck pickup go? Also how would I phase the neck pickup? Thanks I really appreciate your help.