Hey If other guitarists on this site are like me and love instrumental shred guitar like yngwie, steve vai, joe satriani, paul gilbert, etc (OUR FREAKIN' IDOLS!!!) you should check out my radio show on the uw student radio station. you can stream it live from wsum.org. Here is the facebook group i just started:


enjoy it guys, and rock on!!!

Also I am looking for some suggestions to some stuff you think i might have heard of to put on this show. Like the other day some guy told me to play shawn lane. it was a good idea. I'm open to anything, like jazz fusion
great ill check it out, i've been looking for a shred guitar radio for a while
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Well it is a non-commercial radio-station. It is a student run radio station, and the only money is from grants. Well actually yngwie does a lot of instrumentals. do you have rising force? only two songs have lyrics. But it put him there because he is a freaking shredder. Regardless of lyrics. I'll play it if it has lyrics still