Poll: Rivera VS Randall VS Engl
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Rivera Knucklehead Tre
4 24%
Randall RM100M1
1 6%
Engl Powerball
12 71%
Voters: 17.
I have checked several stores near me, but they don't carry any of them, let alone all three. That said, I cannot try them out myself or compare them. I've just listened to stuff on Youtube and read reviews and descriptions and such.

Anyways, I play mainly melodic death, heavy, chugging type-metal, but also play many other froms of metal and rock. Brutal distortion with tons of bottom end is what I want, but I also want a good clean and rhythm sound for versatility.
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the power ball, I've played one of the and they are ridiculous! Perfect for drop tunings

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I vote Engl, just based off of the fact that Chris Broderick's clean tone, and his lead and rhythm tones are pure win
I haven't looked into the Randall or Rivera enough to give a judgement, but I'm sure if you can afford the Engl, you won't be dissapointed if you can dial it in well.
K-Tre I'm gunna say. Although Powerballs are also really nice. Try both, but honestly in my opinion, the Randall isn't even in the same league as the other two.
I've played a Knucklehead once in a shop, the gain blew me away. Get that, although the cleans aren't brilliant (servicable is how I'd describe them).
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