hey guys, once again looking for your awesome help.

I have a choice to make between to interfaces, which i can get for roughly the same price (i know a guy at a music store, so that always helps )

Either the UX2 toneport, or the PreSonus Inspire.

Now as you should probably know, both have 2 XLR mic inputs, and 2 DIs, and both are pretty similar from my knowledge, apart from the fact that the Toneport is a USB interface, whereas the Inspire is a Firewire. My question is, which will be better suited for recording mainly Acoustic + Vocal songs, and the occaisonal electric + bass + vocals + drums (which i'll be recording with SM57s).

Also, another question, is it simple/cheap to buy and install a firewire card into a PC laptop?

*just for those of you wondering, i'm going to buy the interface, plus either an SM57 or 58 to begin with, i'm undecided, but will eventually get both.
Without a second thought, grab the PreSonus interface, it is much better than any Toneport...

better preamps
better ADA converters
more connections
better build quality
High speed firewire connection

yes installing a firewire card in the expansion slot of the laptop is easy and cheap. newegg.com has good deals.
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ah sweet thanks man. Whats your opinion on the mics tho, i can only afford one for the moment, and can't decided which would be better to start off with, the SM57 or 58?

i'll probs only start with acoustics.