Theres a reason there are 6. Remove the 4 screws and be prepared for the bridge to maybe shoot off the body like a bat out of hell
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The MIA strats only have 2 screws, I've always wondered why that was....
Maybe this is why? Just some thoughts haha
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the secret to having the guitar in tune .. even after whammy abuse

is to have your guitar intonated, lubricated, clean, and happy

well.. look at some Yngwie Malmsteen vid's .. check out how after abuse his guitar is in tune..

look for some intonation guides.. generally guitar manteinance ..

leo fender designed his guitars to be perfect =D
yeah - well i always thought it was a great design, and im a big advocate of strat bridges, which is why i put roller nuts on, lubricate contact points and do essentially what you said, but if i can get even better stability from having only 2 screws . . . then that'd be awesome. but it doesn't seem anyone has any experience of this.
On the last guitar I assembled, I ran out of screws, so I only have 3 out of six tremolo screws.

It works fine for me.
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lol - i like the approach to it!

ive just been on the fender website for tips - quite interesting some of it (if ur an anal guitar geek like me) it says that if you have the 2 outside screws tighetend normally, and the 4 middle ones in place but looser, then it will pivot on the outside 2 and increase stability.