somebody told me i was slapping wrong, or w/e. I've never had a problem adn it sounds great to me but now im unsure, i have a video of me slapping (from a few months ago)


plese ignore the singing at the ending i didnt know my drummer was putting it on the internet, it was just for reference.....XD

ty for feedback all
Try adding more delay.
As long as it sounds good... who cares? I'm definatly no expert, just getting into slapping for myself your technique seems wild (The way I'm learing is to keep the palm of your hand at the start of the bridge, but I don't honestly think that it sounds as good as what you do), but it you dont watch that it sounds fine.
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you should keep your pointer middle ring and pinky fingers in a fist.
but what ever is comfortable and sounds good to you, should do.

I seriously regret never learning how to slap.
oh well, it's never to late to start.

There is a right and wrong way to slap, but no one really complains about flea so you'll be fine, just less efficient.
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Your slapping is like Fleas, with the hand going down, as if pointing to the ground. People say you should slap like this picture

I know i'll get flamed for this, but if its working for you and its not causing any pain ; keep doing it.

Try both ways, best to have a more rounded approach to slapping.
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Your slapping is like Fleas, with the hand going down, as if pointing to the ground. People say you should slap like this picture

I know i'll get flamed for this, but if its working for you and its not causing any pain ; keep doing it.

Try both ways, best to have a more rounded approach to slapping.

slaping like this will help with double thumping and in my opinion it looks more professional and sounds cleaner
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try and slap closer to the neck
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who cares how you slap, everyone who plays slap has their own style. As long as it sounds alright your fine.
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hmm, thanks all for your opinion, i feel complimented to say i play liek flea XD i liek the way i slap and im not like vooten, i dont much care for his work so ill stay the way i play i can slap over 200 bpm on a good day XD (i know i checked a metronome......so technically i can sweep pick, but in slap form, so i can sweep slap) and i like my tone and it sounds good, and tis comfortable, thanks all for your input, much appreciated as always!
Try adding more delay.
uhm... however feels best and however you can do it best.

When I stand and slap with a dumble thumb. My bass goes kind of horizontal.

though when I'm not hitting the Double, I kind of slap the way you do.

and when your hitting your bass to get notes to ring out.

Either much louder on the amp, or hit it with the bottom of your fist, the fleshy bit.


Lovely Vocals tones happenin aswell!
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1) You're moving your hand way too much and you'll never get any semblance of cleanliness or speed.

2) I hate to say this, (not because I don't whole-heartedly believe, but because people will jump on my back about it) but your technique is wrong too. The best technique is to level your thumb parallel to the string and play with your hand in a ball of sorts. It's the most efficient and clean technique for slapping. Is it the only technique? No. Is it the best technique? That I've heard of.
Far too much movement with the arm. It should really be wrist flicks- more controlled, less tiring for the arm.

I much prefer the parallel thumb technique- I find it more much controllable over speed, dynamics, is a much better position for popping and is very, very accurate- there should be very little trouble using that technique on basses with a tight string spacing. However, it is your call as to how you want to slap. I just think those who slap hand down are making life unneccesarily difficult for themselves.
Your slapping sounds a little soft and inconsistent. If you're serious about slapping you should learn the correct technique.
Yeah, try to keep your plucking hand more still, you'll be a lot more precise in your slapping if your arm isn't flailing about so much. Remember that it's pretty much all in the wrist, not the forearm or shoulder.
the only thing i would say is work on your timing a little bit.

and remember that there is no right or wrong way to things. e.g. james jamerson, i only ever used his pointer finger to pluck, but he's known as one of the godfathers to modern playing now.
as long as it sounds good you cant go wrong.
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Your slap style, as stated, isnt wrong, nor is it right, it's your style.

How long have you been slapping, from the vid I'd guess not too long, you play slap in a similair way to how I play slap: in the style of flea (not musically, but in terms of his technique) as opposed to the "proper" or "Through Slap style" where you slap through the strings whilst keeping your thumb parallel with them. Through slap is more efficent, allows techniques such as double thump and is generally more accurate, but I cant get my head round it, Im too used to slapping the way I do, so Ill give you some pointers,feel free to ignore or even flame, but I hope they help.

As has been mentioned, your playing from your arm a lot. This is a very common thing, Ive seen many bassists do it and I did it all the time when I was starting out slapping. Its a habit you really really want to get out of. You probably think you can play harder and faster becuase of the muscles in your arm, but your actually slowing yourself down and damaging accuracy and tone. Its all about the wrist! I say again, THE WRIST!!! Just a flick of the wrist, keepin your thumb nice and loose and just allowing it to bounce of the string at the end of the neck.

If you get the thumb bounce right, it allows you to perfrom very easy but also fast mutes, a very important part of getting slap to sound good as opposed to annoying and pointless (in my opinion of course) The trick I use is the natural bounce off the strings to allow your thumb to make with it again and/or muting with your fretting hand. Using these techniques Ive managed to get Tommy the Cat and Lacquer Head down and also make my slap sound as fast as hell. But it takes practice, lots of practice, but can really spice up your slap play and funkyfy yuor bass lines (My housemates have put up with 15 minute mute note solos from me on several occasions, they can sound awesome,and you can really get some gnarly and different mute tones, but the knacker your slappin' hand)
Anyway, Im goin on like a know-it-all, so apologies, but theres some advice, take it, leave it, burn it, choice is yours, but keep slappin' away chap
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