Hey, i just wanted to follow up on a thread i made two days ago asking which was better, the digitech or boss chorus. It turns out that neither place had the digitech bass multi chorus, but i picked up the Hardwire Stereo Chorus. It sounds awesome. No end loss what so ever. Anyone have any other good/bad experiences with this pedal?
The closest music store around here is like.. sponsored by Digitech or something because their pedals are the only ones they have lying around on a board for people the use without asking and they just about the hardwire pedals in about a onth or two ago, I like all of their pedals, especially the delay and the heavy metal distortion.. but the heavy metal, I would imagine, wouldn't be that great for bass
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yea, i the guy said that they were trying to phase in these new pedals. its good cause theyre true bypass, but i would imagine that the distortions would sound horribad on bass lol. i really like the chorus cause you get a bunch of different stuff to chose from like analog, modern, studio, etc. Its really awesome, and i'll probably be using it in the studio tomorrow. =D