Using pinky on higher frets?

Hi, I have realized lately that whenever I play on higher frets, I generally dont use my pinky much.

for example, say I play this little lick ---


I will not use my pinky finger, but slant my hand a bit and use my first three fingers.

I do this not because I have an underdeveloped pinky finger - I use it all of the time when I play fast passages on the lower frets.

It just feels very awkward to use my pinky finger on three notes per string licks on high frets...

Is there anything wrong with this technically?

Technically? Yes. It's less efficient and puts more strain on your wrist because of the way you have to twist your hand. It would be better to do it with your pinky. However, I can't imagine that the effects are particularly dire, so if it's really that much trouble to learn the proper way, it's not really a big deal.
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John 5 rarely, if ever, uses his pinky, and he's the fastest shredder I've ever heard.
I sometimes use it, depending on the next note I have to jump to. Usually, its just a string and two frets away, so using the ring or index finger is just fine for me.
It really shouldn't be a big deal unless you are trying to play some insanely fast triplt shredding on the same string, which MIGHT cause you to need to use the pinky. Maybe.
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Ok, thanks guys. I'm pretty sure I'll be ok.

I've watched John 5 and you're right, he hardly ever uses his pinky.
Up on the higher frets malmsteen doesn't use his pinky for certain licks too.

my teacher has gotten me into the habit of using the pinky and to be honest it is alot easier especially when you are good at it