Hope Im doing this correctly.

Basically Im only 14 and with Florida's economy I have no chance of getting a job anytime soon. I already own a (cheap unknown company) remake of a fender strat.

Im getting a new guitar for christmas. I cant decide between a Epiphone Les Paul special 2, Epiphone les paul studio and Epiphone les paul 100. I've heard mixed reviews about each guitar but Im unsure on which to buy.

Any help/ personal experiences with them would help. (Already read a few user reviews on this site.)
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The Studio will be your best bet.

EDIT: the studio may be more expensive up front, but it will save you in the long run from having to upgrade from the other two you stated.
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Ehh...the studio is the best out of those...but check out Agile guitars if you're set on a LP.


here's one of the sites that sells Agile guitars. This is the first page of decent ones.

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The LP100 is far better than the special II.

You have a volume and tone control for each pickup as well as the traditional toggle switch and the pickups are marginally better.

Neither are fantastic guitars, but the LP100 can actually hold it's own live when played through a decent amp, and sounds much more like the Special II which will sound terrible through almost anything.

I owned and used a 100 live for about 2 years and it help up pretty well, the toggle switch died once but outside that, no big dramas. It's a great first Les Paul if you're really strapped for cash.

EDIT: I didn't see that the Studio was one of your options, the Studio would be the way to go from those 3, thicker body = more tone.
Hmmm I'll try and go towards the studio but if I had to choose a backup guitar (Cause my folks wait till the last minute to shop) which would it be?
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Studio-no, scratch that, for $400 you can get this which is quite a bit better than a studio.
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Ask your parents (or whoever is buying) if you could chip in. If they say yes, sell your old guitar and buy an Agile.
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Studio > LP 100 > Special II

So I say Studio
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Aren't guitars that fall under the studio category more prone to scratches and paint chips?
Out of those three, the Studio is the best option.

But be aware, that's not saying much. The Special-II is the worst guitar Epi make; the LP-100 is the second worst, and the Studio is crap too.
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go used if you can, you'll get much better guitars.
or go for an agile.
or check out my GIBSON les paul for sale thats right in your price range(sig)

Dude, I clicked that yesterday, it's almost as bad as my scam
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Definately the studio. For the same price of it on Musician's Friend, you get an Agile AL-2500, much better quality. If you can somehow find an extra hundred, the Agile AL-3000 would be a huge step up from the 2500, about the quality of an Epiphone Les Paul custom. All 3 are nice guitars, LPs ftw.

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off-topicmfg you can send rondo music checks wow i am mad now

if you need to buy in store i reccomend get a g-400 insted but rondo music is the best idea
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