Okay so i have a problem when i improv i tend to use lots of arpeggios, melodys, and bland phrases. My phrases tend to just be random runs from the highest note of a mode to where ever i end up. any tips on developing better phrasing because i uses a couple patterns my teacher taught me.
A couple
thinking in terms of scales and modes is good, but really concentrate on the arpeggio of the chord you are on and the natural or altered tensions (the 9, 11, 13 or # or b 9, 11 or 13). Dont be afraid to pause (especially if you want to build tension mid riff). Sing when you play and it will lead you to better melodies. Remember when you improvise, people dont want to be impressed with your technique and theory skills, they want to hear music that makes them feel something. Dont wank, add to the composition. At the end of the day though, you should be playing what you hear in your head.
Go to a jam with old people. They shoot daggers if you start sweeping or doing anything close to it.

But really. Work on....savoring notes I guess is how i want to say it. Pausing every now and then and letting notes ring out makes the arpeggios sound all the more better when you go back to them,. What kind of music are you improvising over?
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Slow down. Try to think about the next note before you play it, instead of playing randomly in a scale. Don't worry if your solo isn't sounding exactly like you envisioned in your head a second before playing it, this will come quickly with practise.

And try to phrase like a singer. This is where the blues came from, guys trying to copy a singers voice on their guitar.
There's an excellent one-hour video on Google Video called "Melodic Control" by Marty Friedman. Really helps with thinking while soloing- but it might lower your self-esteem.